Per Department of Public Safety Standards and Training administrative rules of DPSST, the following convictions will permanently disqualify candidates for consideration for public safety dispatch positions.

162.075 (False swearing)
162.085 (Unsworn falsification)
162.145 (Escape in 3rd degree)
162.235 (Obstructing government or judicial administration)
162.315 (Resisting arrest)
162.335 (Compounding a felony)
162.355 (Simulating legal processes)
162.365 (Criminal impersonation)
162.369 (Possession of false law enforcement ID card)
162.375 (Initiating a false report)
162.385 (Giving false information to a police officer)
162.405 (Official misconduct 2nd degree)
162.415 (Official misconduct 1st degree)
163.200 (Criminal mistreatment 2nd degree)
163.207 (Female genital mutilation)
163.208 (Assaulting public safety officer)
163.212 (Unlawful use stun gun/tear gas/mace 2nd degree)
163.415 (Sexual abuse 3rd degree)
163.435 (Contributing to sexual delinquency of minor)
163.445 (Sexual misconduct)
163.465 (Public indecency)
163.545 (Child neglect 2nd degree)
163.575 (Endangering welfare of a minor)
163.675 (Sale or exhibition of visual reproduction of sexual conduct by a child)
163.687 (Encouraging child sex abuse 3rd degree)
163.693 (Failure to report child pornography)
163.732 (Stalking)
163.750 (Violation of court´s stalking protective order)
164.045 (Theft 2nd degree)
164.170 (Laundering a monetary instrument)
164.172 (Engaging in financial transaction in property derived from unlawful activity)
164.235 (Possession of burglar´s tools)
164.255 (Criminal trespass in 1st degree)
164.265 (Criminal trespass in possess firearms)
164.272 (Unlawful entry into motor vehicle)
164.369 (Interfering with police animal)
165.007 (Forgery 2nd degree)
165.017 (Criminal possession of forged instruments 2nd degree)
165.037 (Criminal simulation)
165.042 (Fraudulently obtaining a signature)
165.080 (Falsifying business records)
165.095 (Misapplication of entrusted property)
165.100 (Issuing false financial statement)
165.102 (Obtain execution of documents by deception)
165.055 (Fraudulent use of a credit card)
165.065 (Negotiating a bad check)
165.577 (Cellular counterfeiting 3rd degree)
165.800 (Identity theft)
166.155 (Intimidation 2nd degree)
166.350 (Unlawful possession of armor-piercing ammunition)
166.416 (Providing false information regarding gun transfer)
166.418 (Improperly transferring handgun)
166.425 (Unlawful purchase of firearm)
166.427 (Register of transfers of used firearms)
166.635 (Discharge weapon/throw object at train)
166.649 (Throw object off overpass in 2nd degree)
166.480 (Sale/gift of explosives to children)
166.076 (Abuse of memorial to the dead)
167.007 (Prostitution)
167.062 (Sadomasochistic abuse or sexual conduct in live show)
167.065 (Furnishing obscene materials to minors)
167.070 (Sending obscene materials to minors)
167.075 (Exhibiting an obscene performance to minor)
167.080 (Displaying obscene materials to minors)
167.087 (Disseminating obscene materials)
167.090 (Public display of nudity/sex for advertising)
167.122 (Promoting gambling 2nd degree)
167.132 (Possession of gambling records 2nd degree)
167.147 (Possession of gambling device)
167.222 (Frequenting place controlled substance is used)
167.262 (Adult using minor in controlled substance offense)
167.320 (Animal abuse 1st degree)
167.352 (Interfere with assisted search or rescue of animal)
167.355 (Involvement in animal fighting)
167.820 (Concealing birth of infant)
475.525 (Sale of drug paraphernalia)
475.960 (Illegally selling drug equipment)

Any misdemeanor involving any acts of domestic violence as defined in ORS 135.230, or has been convicted of violating the statutory counterpart of any of those offenses in any other jurisdiction.

The list of offenses below per DPSST has recommended lengths of ineligibility associated with them. Individuals with convictions in this category should use this list as a guide only and not as an indication that ineligibility ceases after the recommended timeframe. Other factors might warrant further ineligibility. Applications will be evaluated on and individual basis.




Length of Ineligibility
(From Date of Conviction)
162.195 Failure to appear 2nd degree A Misd. 10 yrs.
162.245 Refusing to assist peace officer Violation 5 yrs.
162.255 Refusing to assist firefighting operation Violation 5 yrs.
162.455 Interfering with Legislative operations Misdemeanor 10 yrs.
162.465 Unlawful Legislative lobbying B Misd. 5 yrs.
163.160 Assault in 4th degree (excluding domestic) A Misd. 10 yrs.
163.195 Recklessly endangering another A Misd. 5 yrs.
164.043 Theft 3rd degree C Misd. 5 yrs.
164.125 Theft of services A or C Misd. A = 10 yrs; C = 5 yrs.
164.132 Unlawful distribution of cable TV equipment B Misd. 5 yrs.
164.245 Criminal trespass in 2nd degree C Misd. 5 yrs.
164.335 Reckless burning A Misd. 5 yrs.
164.345 Criminal Mischief in 3rd degree C Misd. 5 yrs.
164.354 Criminal Mischief in 2nd degree A Misd. 5 yrs.
164.373 Tampering with cable TV equipment B Misd. 5 yrs.
164.775 Deposit trash w/in 100 yd´s or in water B Misd. 5 yrs.
164.785 Placing offensive substance In water/hwy A Misd. 5 yrs.
164.805 Offensive littering C Misd. 5 yrs.
164.813 Unlawful cut/transport spec forest products B Misd. 5 yrs.
164.815 Unlawful transport of hay C Misd. 5 yrs.
164.825 Cut/Transport conifer trees w/o permit or bill of sale B Misd. 5 yrs.
164.845 Arrest summons for cut/transport of trees B Misd. 5 yrs.
164.863 Unlawful transport of meat animal carcasses C Misd. 5 yrs.
164.865 Unlawful sound recording B Misd. 5 yrs.
164.875 Unlawful videotape recording B Misd. 5 yrs.
165.047 Unlawful using slugs B Misd. 5 yrs.
165.107 Fail to maintain metal purchase record B Misd. 5 yrs.
165.109 Fail to maintain cedar purchase record B Misd. 5 yrs.
165.540 Obtaining contents of communication A Misd. 10 yrs.
165.543 Interception of communications A Misd. 10 yrs.
165.555 Unlawful phone solicit. contrib. 4charitable purposes A Misd. 10 yrs.
165.570 Improper use of 911 emerg rept. system A Misd. 10 yrs.
165.805 Misrepresentation of age by minor C Misd. 5 yrs.
165.825 Sale of drugged horse Misdemeanor 10 yrs.
166.025 Disorderly conduct B Misd. 5 yrs.
166.065 Harassment B Misd. 5 yrs.
166.075 Abuse of venerated objects C Misd. 5 yrs.
166.090 Telephone harassment B Misd. 5 yrs.
166.095 Misconduct w/emerg. phone calls B Misd. 5 yrs.
166.115 Interfering with public transport A Misd. 5 yrs.
166.240 Carrying concealed weapon B Misd. 5 yrs.
166.250 Unlawful possession of firearm A Misd. 10 yrs.
166.645 Hunting in cemeteries Misdemeanor 5 yrs.
167.315 Animal abuse in 2nd degree B Misd. 5 yrs.
167.325 Animal neglect 2nd degree B Misd. 5 yrs.
167.330 Animal neglect 1st degree A Misd. 10 yrs.
167.340 Animal abandonment C Misd. 5 yrs.
167.370 Participating in dog fighting A Misd. 10 yrs.
167.385 Unauthorized use of livestock animal A Misd. 10 yrs.
167.388 Interfere. with livestock productions A Misd. 5 yrs.
167.810 Creating a hazard B Misd. 5 yrs.
471.410 Provide liquor to under 21 or to intoxicated A Misd. 10 yrs.
471.475 Mix, store, serving liquor w/o license Violation 5 yrs.
811.140 Reckless driving A. Misd. 5 yrs.
813.010 Driving under influence of intoxicants (DUII) A Misd. 1st = 5 yrs.;
2+w/in 10 yrs = never.
Specifically Prohibited Convictions
Drugs & Controlled Substance Convictions
DUII = first three times are misdemeanors.  If convicted 4th time and the last 3 were within the last 10 years, it becomes a felony.