Washington County Public Alerts

Public Alerts

Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency has implemented a new public alerting system, also known as reverse 911. The system enables WCCCA to send emergency messages with information and/or instructions via email, landline telephone, cellular phone, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone.

The system is pre-equipped with listed and unlisted landline phone numbers (updated quarterly) obtained from telephone company records. If you have a landline phone you will automatically receive notifications – no registration is necessary on your part. If you do not have a landline phone, or wish to receive alerts by additional means, you must first register your email address, cell phone, and/or VoIP phone.

By signing up to receive notifications from Washington County Public Alerts, I consent to the terms and conditions listed below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

On the Address Signup Page, I enter my password, select my address from the dropdown list and click Submit. Why does the Address field on the following form display a different address?
This issue occurs when using the Firefox and Safari web browsers. We are working with our Public Alerts vendor to resolve this issue. Please attempt to sign up using a different web browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. If you are still unable to signup, use the question form at the bottom of this page to request assistance and we will sign you up.

I signed in with my address and password, entered my contact information, clicked Submit, and received a message saying my information had been updated. When I logged back in with the same address and password, all of my information was gone. What happened?
Due to the size of the telephone and address databases being used, it can take up to 15 minutes for your information to become fully registered in the system. If you log in before the system has finished updating your registration, you will not see any of your contact information display. You do not need to fill out your information again. Please allow the system time to update, whether you are signing up for the first time or modifying an existing account. Once the system registers your contact information and it becomes visible to you on sign in, you will be ready to receive notifications.

What do I do if I sign up my address but forget my password?
Try to sign in with your address and a password. If the password is incorrect, a link will appear which will display your password recovery questions. After you answer your questions you can change your password and click “Save”.

Our family has numerous cell phones and email accounts- can we register more than one?
Yes. The system allows you to register up to three telephone numbers and two email addresses. However, if you do register three telephone numbers, the system will not necessarily call the second and third numbers. After the emergency message plays, you will be asked to press 1 to confirm receipt of the message. If you press 1, the system will not attempt to call any additional numbers. If you do not press 1, or if your phone goes to voicemail, the call is not considered confirmed and the next number will be attempted. Please confirm receipt of all emergency messages and make sure to inform everyone who lives at your address about the emergency.

When I try to sign up my address for the first time I receive an error that says my password is invalid?
The notification system uses a regional addressing database to verify addresses and to store signup information. After you sign up to an address, the address is only accessible with the correct password. In most cases, the addressing database contains a record for each residence, business, church, and school in the county. For apartments and multi-unit complexes, there will usually be a record for each individual unit (eg 1111 Sw Imaginary Ave Apt 5). However, in some cases there is only one address record representing the entire complex. This means that in these complexes only one resident will be able to sign up to that address record. Washington County is in an ongoing effort to update its address database to include a record for every unit/residence.

If I signed up my cell phone number, will I be notified of an emergency even if I am away from home?
Subscribers to this system will receive emergency alerts only when the emergency affects their address. Your current physical location does not factor in to whether the system sends you a notification.

Can I sign up to other addresses in the county, such as my children’s school and my work?
The system does not currently allow citizens to sign up to receive alerts for multiple addresses. Residents should only sign up to their home address, businesses to their business address, schools to their school address, etc. It is important that you do not attempt to sign up to addresses that do not belong to you.

Do I need to bother signing up if I have a home phone?
If there is an emergency in your neighborhood and you are away from home, you might only learn about it when you return and check your messages. Registering your cell phone and/or email allows you to stay informed at all times.

What do I do if I sign up for notifications but I move to a different address or get a new phone number?
After you first sign up, you can log back in at any time with your address and password to change your information. If you move to a different address, please remember to delete the information from your old address before you register your new address.

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