Hide WCCCA Marker WCCCA Fire/EMS
7 incidents
Call Type: trf acc, non-inj
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Address: nw schmidt hill dr & nw lyda dr 162111053
Time: 16:48:26 16:49:56 16:49:56 17:14:18
SO/ W81 - 5273More
Call Type: fire alarm, comm
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Address: 19th wy & maple st 160705418
Time: 18:48:14 18:48:23 18:51:10 --:--:--
FGF/ FGF - E421More
Call Type: mva-unk injury
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Address: 3199 main/100 32nd 160705417
Time: 18:45:08 18:45:20 18:46:50 --:--:--
HFD/ HJF - T05More
Call Type: misc fire
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Address: 2214 mountainview/2323 herman 160705415
Time: 18:38:36 18:38:59 18:40:18 18:43:11
TVF/ NSB - E21More
Call Type: chest pain/heart
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Address: ne 38th av & ne 39th av 160705414
Time: 18:33:46 18:34:05 18:35:11 18:38:59
HFD/ HWH - E02, MW59More
Call Type: mva-injury accid
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Address: 18179 bald peak/17515 hillsboro 160705412
Time: 18:27:35 18:27:44 18:28:53 18:34:26
TVF/ MWF - C7, E19, HR51, MED20, T20More
Call Type: breathing prob
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Address: se 6th av & se 7th av 160705408
Time: 18:17:57 18:18:12 18:18:22 18:20:09
HFD/ HBM - E01, MW58, T05More
Hide WCCCA Marker CCOM Fire/EMS
4 incidents
Call Type: fainting/alt loc
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Address: 4017 se vineyard rd 160702862
Time: 18:31:06 18:31:08 18:31:42 18:34:54
F32/ OGR - M274, M3, MEDAMore
Call Type: tree fire
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Address: se friendly ln/se surface rd 160702856
Time: 18:16:37 18:16:40 18:18:46 18:28:18
F11/ EST - C113, E110, ESVOLMore
Call Type: grass fire
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Address: e hwy 26/50 mp 160702855
Time: 18:01:24 18:01:28 18:02:41 18:13:39
F25/ GOV - 2505, 2509, BR251, BR252, E251, E253, E254, ODF, ODOT, USFS, WT251, WT252More
Call Type: unk prob/mn down
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Address: 150 nw 2nd av 160702845
Time: 16:57:50 16:57:54 16:58:31 17:04:16
F36/ CNB - C61, E17, M61, M81, SQT62More
  • trf acc, non-inj
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  • fire alarm, comm
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  • mva-unk injury
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  • misc fire
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  • chest pain/heart
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  • mva-injury accid
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  • breathing prob
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WCCCA On Traffic Off Weather Off County Off             Audio ? C-COM 4
  • fainting/alt loc
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  • tree fire
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  • grass fire
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  • unk prob/mn down
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Joint CAD Incident Tracking System

WCCCAWelcome to the Joint CAD Incident Tracking System.

This information is made possible through the joint efforts of Clackamas and Washington County’s 9-1-1 centers and their shared Computer Aided Dispatch system.

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  • Hover over incident information to view details or description of the information.

Incident Layout
Incident Description

Unit Status Color Codes

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  • En Route
  • On Scene
  • Cleared